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Conditions We Treat

Hillside Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic treat a wide variety of conditions. Here is a list of the common conditions we treat:
  • Back and neck pain, whiplash, pain between the shoulder blades, tingling in arms and hands, sciatica
  • Sports injuries: overstretched/torn ligaments (e.g. sprained ankles), strained hamstrings and calves, tennis/golfers elbows, shin splints
  • Joint disorders: general wears and tears, arthritis in joints, frozen shoulders, trauma /fractures, after key hole surgery, joint replacement, hyper mobility,
  • osteoporosis
  • Muscle/soft tissue problems: myalgia, bruising, tears/ strains/sprains, tightening/shortening, tendon repair, RSI
  • Neurological conditions: strokes, MS, Parkinsons syndromes, cerebral palsy, head and spinal injuries
  • Disorders of the elderly: generalised weakness following prolonged illness, poor mobility and balance, frequent falls
  • Gynaecological/obstetric conditions: stress incontinence, SI-joint /pubic pain
  • Pre and post-natal care: pregnancy and childbirth related problems or weakness
  • Chest conditions: bronchitis, emphysema

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