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Hillside Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic North London

Physiotherapy in Golders Green

Hillside Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic was established in 1990, and is now owned and managed by Mrs Kooi Westgeest-Teoh. It is situated within Golders Hill Health Centre surrounded by affluence and prestigious up market suburbs of Hampstead and north London.

The Physiotherapists at Hillside understand the interaction between our often demanding life styles and our bodies. We are not only living longer but we also lead increasingly busier lives. As a result, the pace, strains and stresses of our daily lives can take their toll affecting our well-being and ability to function properly and pain free. Our physiotherapists have advised, assessed and treated numerous people, with problems ranging from the most painful and debilitating ones to minor aches/pains.

Hillside Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic also provide rehabilitative care for greatly diversified disorders and following surgery.

We also make our expertise available to those who feel basically well but experience occasionally seemingly trivial inconveniences such as stiffness, muscle knots or soreness. These are early warning signs are often associated with poor posture and/or faulty body mechanics that lie at the heart of many musculoskeletal conditions.

Hillside Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic believe that prevention is better than cure and a one-off or regular MOT, will enable early problem identification and remedial action before minimal discomforts develop into fully blown disorders.

You will learn self-management skills and we will give you problem specific exercise advice. This will empower you to keep your body roadworthy, improve your self-reliance and give you the peace of mind that you will be able to keep future problems at bay

Our North London Clinic

The Golders Hill Health Centre is a private medical centre containing a group of physiotherapists, private medical doctors, dentists, counsellor/psychotherapists, an acupuncturist, registered speech therapists and podiatrists

The clinic is wheelchair accessible with parking available free of charge for all patients attending the centre. There is a general receptionist who meets and greets patient. A spacious and comfortable common waiting area as well as disable access toilets and changing area.

Overall, it is a purposed built health centre with high specification in comfort and accessibility, state of art and has been boost for it service of excellence to local community.

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